Breaking News: U.S. Navy is making a statement to Iran

Now overseas in a place where any new trouble really could send oil prices soaring, the u.s. navy is making a statement to iran in a critical oil shipping lane, the strait of hormuz. Jim Miklaszewski is in those waters last night, getting a chance to see life onboard a u.s. carrier, the "U.S.S. Abram Linco Lincoln" where he got a closeup view of some potentially dangerous close encounters.

>> reporter:  It was daybreak as the u.s. aircraft carrier abraham lincoln got under way, led by a mdestroyer and a missile cruiser, high-powered protection, the carriers run through the strait of hormuz. as expected, the iranian military came out for a look. an f-27 plane makes a leisurely prass. shortly after, the bridge on the lincoln crackled to life.

>> looks like he's out two miles.

>> reporter:  An iranian patrol boat was closing in fast. within two miles of the carrier, iranian boat finally backed off. lincoln's commander, captain john alexander says his biggest worry is that incidents like this could eventually lead to a fatal miscalculation.

>> they have the ability to take a shot at me at some point and that's what I worry about.

>> reporter:  It's a legitimate don certain. we've now entered the most dangerous stretch of waters here for the american forces. just beyond that horizon is the largest gathering of heavily armed revolutionary guard fast boats, iranian submarines armed with torpedos and an entire shoreline of anti-ship cruise missiles. the iranians have already threatened to shut down the strait of hormuz and attack u.s. warships. but vice admiral mark fox says the u.s. military is prepared for anything iran throws at them.

>> we're ready today.

>> you're ready today?

>> this is the world we live in. what if it happened tonight? what would we do? we're prepared today.

>> reporter: prepared for any potential miscalculation. Jim Miklaszewski, aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln.

This is an Iranian Shahab 2 missile. A newer generation missile, the Shahab 3 missile would be used for war. (Photo by Reuters)

Is This the beginning of the end of the world?

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