9/11 MXL - Not for the faint hearted (Graphic) RIP Never Forget The Fallen

This is the 15th year of this tragic moment. 15 years later and it still hurts.

I was in Linden, NJ when I saw on TV the second plane hit the second tower. I screamed and started crying. I knew then this was actually happening. Till this day I cry for the victims and their families.

RIP to all who died, we will never forget.

9/11 MXL - Not for the faint hearted (Graphic) RIP Never Forget The Fallen


Tropical Storm Hermine off the coast of Florida

© Provided by AccuWeather

Here we go again. It's Tropical Storm and Hurricane season.

Now we have Tropical Storm Hermine off the coast of Florida.

To be exact, Hermine is swirling about 450 miles southwest of Apalachee Bay.

Rick Scott,  Florida Governor has declared a State of Emergency.

Besides it being Tropical Storm and Hurricane season, it's also NFL preseason.

The NFL preseason game in Tampa Bay that was suppost to be played on Thursday is now going to be on Wednesday.

I guess the NFL officials think this will help to avoid complications from the severe weather.

The reason behind this is because Tropical Storm Hermine is going to have gusty winds and heavy rain.

We are all waiting for the NFL games to start. That is, us football fans. LoL

But, on the real side we don't want anyone to get hurt from Tropical Storm Hermine.

NFL or other wise.

You can read more on Tropical Storm Hermine here.

Or, go directly to the AccuWeather.com site for updates.

I hope this storm don't decide to come to Jersey and mess up our Labor Day weekend.

It's also my birthday weekend!

© Provided by AccuWeather

© Provided by AccuWeather

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