Kimberly Hiatt Nurse: For Her The World Has Come To An End

Nurse Kimberly Hiatt had made a mistake and gave a baby named Kaia Zautner an overdose of medication. This happened on September 14, 2010. Kaia was only eight-month-old when this happened. She was a patient at Seattle Children’s Hospital.

After this had happened it was the end of the world as Nurse Kimberly Hiatt had know it. She was fired for the only mistake she had done in her 24 years of her medical career.

I can relate to this story because she was 50 years old when she committed suicide after accidentally giving a baby an fatal overdose of medication. She made a mistake of giving 1.4 grams of calcium chloride instead of 140 milligrams of the medication to baby Kaia.

I am 50 years old and if I had done this I would have ended my world too! I would not be able to live knowing I had killed a baby even if it was an accident.

On April 3, she was so devastated that all of this had happened to her that she committed suicide.

What made this worse for Nurse Hiatt is the parents did not pres any charges because they knew that their baby girl had had severe heart problems and she had been in and out of the Seattle Children’s Hospital since birth.

I am a mom of two and this would have ended the world for me if I had been told that my baby was killed by accident. I would have kept going but I would not have looked at the world the same. The nurse had came attached to the baby and this is why she was devastated that this had happened.

I read this on Newsoxy and the original story was published by Rob Adams on Monday, June 27, 2011. They are the source of the photo.

Will NASA and Scientist Find Out If Humans Can Live On Mars Before The World Ends?

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So this guy clames he spotted life on Mars. Well he did not. What he found was the preparations that NASA is doing to set up for to see if man can live on Mars if the world would end. In these photos below you will see that these photos were taken years ago when NASA had already landed on Mars. That is they had put a robot on Mars.

NASA's Viking 1 lander touched down onto the surface of Mars in 1976, the first successful landing onto the Red Planet. It took the first close-up pictures of the Martian surface but found no strong evidence for life.

You can visit for the rest of the information on all of the Mars landings.

NASA is trying to get together a team to take a one way trip to Mars to continue setting up this Mars space station base.

You can go to the original page of each photo by clicking on the links of the photos names. Blogger has to fix the problem of uploading photos to your blog. So right now in order for you to see these photos you have to go to the original page to see them.

This is the list of the photos pages from National Geographic.

Martian Landscape
The Mars Pathfinder overlooks the rock-strewn Martian landscape in this image taken over three Martian days in 1997. In the distance are the red planet's Twin Peaks.

Mars Rover Opportunity
The exploration rover Opportunity snaps an inadvertent self-portrait as it moves into Endurance Crater on Mars. Like its sister rover Spirit, Opportunity is a robotic geologist, packed with sensors and cameras.

Mars Rover Spirit
The Mars rover Spirit photographs its landing site, the Columbia Memorial Station, at Gusev Crater on Mars. Spirit reached the red planet on January 18, 2004. Its twin, Opportunity, landed on the planet's opposite side. Both rovers were tasked with investigating how past water activity affected Mar's environment.

Husband Hill, Mars
The rover Spirit moves in to closely inspect an outcrop of rocks near the summit of Husband Hill on Mars. The red planet's geologic features are similar to some of those in Death Valley, California.

In this video from National Geographic's Channel on YouTube. Shows how at one time there was water on Mars billions of years ago. It is important for the scientist to find out if water can be on Mars again. The reason why is because if the world ends and we need to live there we would need water on the planet. It is possible the water could be under the surface of Mars.

NASA and other scientist have spent a lot of money to find another planet like Mars for the human race to live on. Mars has been their best bet so far. They know that the world will come to an end and they want to be able to move us there before the world does end.

If they can have water on Mars this video shows what could happen if they do.

Nat Geo Living on Mars has more videos on YouTube. Check out the other videos they are very interesting.

So Will NASA and Scientist Find Out If Humans Can Live On Mars Before The World Ends?

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