South Africa Had A Snow Storm On Tuesday 7/26/11 | Signs Of The Last Days

On Tuesday 7/26/11 South Africa Had A Snow Storm. It was so bad that it had stopped the traffic between Johannesburg, Africa's richest city, and Durban, Africa's busiest port. Because in some places between the two cities they had had two feet of snow.

The questions we want to ask ourselves are:
Is this a sign of the last days?
Is the world coming to and end?
Do we want to consider this as a sign of the world coming to an end?

Most of the Eastern Cape and high grounds of KwaZulu-Natal were snow covered. I myself had never heard of snow in Africa. Except for in the movies of course like in the movie The Seventh Sign.

This to me is shocking that a snow storm would bring in Army troops to help out motorists stuck in the snow along the main N3 highway to Durban.

Snow in South Africa - Golden Gate - July 26 2011

You can read more on this at The Gazette

But, on a Tuesday in June of 2011 there had been snow in the Namib desert.

Reports and photographs of the snowfall circulated rapidly and widely across the Internet and inboxes bulged with rare images depicting snow in areas usually associated with heat and dust, not biting cold and white blankets of snow. John Rabie from Namibgrens Guest Farm close to the Spreetshoogte Pass where the majority of snow and rain fell, described the scenes of low clouds, mist and snow on Tuesday in June.

It was ice cold, especially as the wind was blowing," he said. The snow fell during the day, from around eleven in the morning until the afternoon. He said the minimum temperature on Tuesday was minus two degrees Celsius, while the day's maximum temperature did not go above five degrees. Although the temperatures had not improved by yesterday, the absence of wind took away the worst bite of the cold, he said.

This video shows how happy some people are when they see the snow for the first time in South Africa.

Snow in the KZN Midlands, South Africa

Have you heard of snow in the desert before now?

Is This The Beginning Of The End Of The End Of The World?

The earthquakes that has been going on in the last year or so, the floods that we have been having around the world. The dead fish and the dead birds. The volcano in Hawaii erupting. The harsh storms around the world. I ask again, "Is This The Beginning Of The End Of The End Of The World as we know it?"

It looks like since the movie 2012. There has been more tragedies and events that has happened more than ever before.

I'm one of those people who takes in everything and analyze and wonder, "what does it all mean?" Is it really true that this might be the end of the world or the last days?

What I'm about to say might be shocking to you but I would really like for you to think about what I am saying. Because it might just be true that it is the beginning of the end.

Since I was a little girl, I was always told by my grandmother and others that the end of the world would come and to look for the signs. I am know fifty years old and it looks like what I have been told in my life time is coming to pass.

Going to the pennicalstaul church and Sunday school has told me of some of these signs. Nostradamus has made 14 of these predictions as well. The Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus

The Bible speaks of these events in the Book Of Revelations. These events that has happen is only the beginning of more fore told events to come.

The earthquake in Haiti was just the beginning. As time goes by there will be a lot more deaths around the world. But think of it this way. They are the lucky one's, because you don't want to be around when the rapture comes. Sappossibly after the rapture you can not die! You will feel all of the pain and agony. Kindda scrary hun.

These videos below are different versions of how people believe how the rapture will be.

Left Behind: The Movie - Raptured!

RAPTURE AND THE LORD'S DAY Warning! Very Graphic after 5:00!

Blondie - Rapture

900 Heat Records In America Show Signs Of The End Of The World Is Near

The 900 heat wave records across America indicates that the end of the world is near.

Keep in mind that this is only the middle of July and the 'Dog Days' of August is not hear yet.

These heat waves are causing more damage than people realize.

They are causing drought. Which is killing live stock and our crops for food.

This will cause food prices to soar even more than they have in the past.

These heat waves can also be due to the space shuttle breaking the ozone layer going into space.

Scientist will come up with many reasons for the heat waves in America and will not acknowledge the fact that the Lord is warning everyone that his day is near.

What do you think about the heat waves in America?

Running Of The Bulls in Pamplona, Spain Day 2, 2011

Running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain is a sport that will continue till the end of the world. It is one of the most dangerous sports out there and anywhere for that matter.

It's a sport that is runs for eight days in June each year and people from around the world goes to see.

Each year guys primarily gets hurt or killed. but they continue to do it anyway.

The running of the bulls is a 400 year old annually tradition that became famous after Ernest Hemingway wrote a book named "The Sun Also Rises." The book is also named "Fiesta," and was written in the 1920's.

Some say the tradition began officially around 1591, when three summer events were combined. The festival of San Fermin, the livestock fair, and the bullfighting festival.

The runners mainly dressed in the traditional white outfits with red handkerchiefs.

The course runs for 902 yards which leads to the bull ring. Later on the bulls will be against matadors in the bull ring. For most of the bulls it will be certain death.

Image source
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