Steve Talks About Harold Camping And How He Is The False Prophet

This is what Steve says about Harold and the Witnessofthetruth.

As you all know NOTHING happened. Both Harold Camping of family radio & Witnessofthetruth have been proven to be false teachers on my channel for a long time, but now we know 100% that they are both false teachers & false prophets. I tried to warn them & their followers but NO ONE listened to the truth.

Unfortunately we are already getting reports of ppl who have tried to kill themselves & others because of their false teachings & false prophesies. See these links...

Man commits suicide

Mom Tries to Kill Kids, Self, Before 'Tribulation' Comes

More & more we see that the false teaching brings about the message that Satan wants everyone to listen & obey... Satan comes to steal, kill & destroy.

Its so sad but I am glad the truth has shown 100% that Harold Camping & Witnessofthetruth are false teachers & false prophets. I turn them over to Satan & let the Lord rebuke them because they both ignored hundreds & thousands of corrections & warnings.

The deaths of who killed themselves will be on their heads.

Pray that God will rescue the lost & deceived.

Now, this is what Steve had said. In the video he makes some good quotes of the Bible and he do do some preaching. His video is long and drag out. But I guess its because he is trying to get his point out there of how he thinks the world will end.

Oh yeah, he does say that, "He will come like a thief in the night" in the video.

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