More Prophecies From The Book Of Revelations Are Coming To Pass For 2011

Prophecy Update 2011, Dead Birds, Fish, Magnetic shift, Earthquakes, Floods, Famine and Etna. Crabs dead from 15 differnt locations and Food shortages.

Mystery of mass animal death epidemic deepens after 8,000 turtle doves fall dead in Italy with strange blue stain on their beak.

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Mass animal deaths spark Christian End Time Prophecy debates, concern
40,000 crabs join slew of animal-death mysteries
2 million fish found dead in Maryland
Mass bird deaths rare, not apocalyptic - experts
New Years Omen?Thousands Of black birds,Fish Dead,000_black_birds_fall_...
New mass death of birds in Sweden
US sees massive drop in bumble bees: study
Mass La. bird deaths puzzle investigators
Dead fish cover 20-miles of Arkansas River
Victoria river mysteriously turns bright green
Falling birds likely died from massive trauma
Unsolved Mystery: 40,000 dead 'devil' crabs seen on British beach
Hundreds of dead snapper washed up on New Zealand beach
Cold weather kills hundreds of fish in marina
Japan Is on High Alert as a Virus Infiltrates Bird-Heavy Regions
Mystery deepens: Radar captures mysterious turbulence over Beebe, Ark. as doomed birds take flight
355 die in Brazil slides, survivors relate horrors
Massive Snowstorm Cripples Connecticut
Massive bird kill in Turkey
Philippine floods, landslides kill 42
18 die in floods, mudslides in Sri Lanka
Strong quake off Japan
First dead birds, then dead fish ... now crickets
In Canada with the sky still falling dead birds
Tunisia declares state of emergency amid riots;_ylt=ArQNzoLBUM6QPq1gPn_AdnWs0NUE...
Global food chain stretched to the limit
Fire in the hole: Italy's Mount Etna roars back to life
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